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Follow your instincts!

How many times have we repeatedly heard “follow your gut”? And despite that, how many times have we still contemplated if we are doing the right thing?

I have always followed this golden rule in my life, a quote by Rumi ~ “Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction”. And even if I have faced hardships and problems due to that decision, in the end, somehow the universe shows me it was meant to be or meant to happen this way!

I have no psychic or super powers to see the future. But I’ll let you in on a small secret, whenever I’m in doubt, I close my eyes, meditate and try to picturize my thoughts. If I envision a happy thought like my family and I sitting together and laughing, I go ahead with my decision and if I envision an unhappy thought, then I don’t take that decision.

I’m not saying I have never made wrong decisions. But looking back, all those wrong decisions happened when I didn’t follow my intuition!

Now there are a lot of successful leaders who have said that this is the wrong way to take decisions. List pros and cons and carefully weigh your options and take your time to think through things. That is when you make good decisions and become successful in life.

There’s no right or wrong here. It all depends on what works for you.

I’m a more intuitive person while my husband is more practical and logical.

Are you aware of the different Personality Types?

Take Myers Briggs or any other personality tests, and it will show that my spouse and I are the exact opposites!

He’s a Type A personality-The director; logical, goal oriented, detail oriented and I am a Type B- the socializer; relationship oriented, sensing, intuition based.

No one personality type is better than the other. Just that each personality is different. It is generally extremely rare that spouses bear the same personality. This is because it’s nature’s law that opposites attract and also because the “philosophical socializer” in me says, we need to have everything in the right mix. We need the right amount of triumphs and failures in our life, the right amount of sadness and happiness. A past failure makes your future victory more sweet.

Again, this is what I feel and it’s not necessarily right. People who tread carefully swear by it and would probably laugh at this blog!

Coming back to my point, my varied experiences in life have shown me that anything that I got easy has left easy! The “easy come-easy go” thing is the real deal! But things I’ve had to sweat for and try really hard to get, have given me the maximum satisfaction and happiness.

My husband, my son, my dog, the list is endless! However not having received anything spoon fed or served on a platter has taught me to always, every single time, believe that things are going to fall into place. I have kinda mastered this ability of smiling and staying positive and telling myself that things are going to be fine. It sometimes is far from reality, but it helps me stay calm and cope with situations.

The situation is there, the reality is a fact but the only thing different is our reaction to it. This is something that will help us a lot to deal with things in life. How we react to things matter. I have harbored bad feelings and anger for people who did wrong to me for a long long time. But one day deciding they are not worth another minute of my life was like the best moment of my life. It was an epiphany of sorts! I had never felt so free and powerful. This is a daily practice, there are still some demons in my heart I have to let go and I will get there eventually. Are you familiar with Buddhism? This is what Nirvana is.

You can either run towards your instincts or run away from it, but it has to be your choice. Come what may, you can at least be satisfied it’s your decision at the end of the day.

“Your life, your choices”, that’s a mantra I teach my son.

And I don’t know if following your “gut” or instincts is right but this is what I will always preach and follow. Like I always say, to each its own. What works for me doesn’t have to work for you. But promise me you’ll try this at least once.

I’m adding a few pictures of the different personality types for your reference. Do let me know in the comments, what personality types exist in your home! :)


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