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NEMA celebrates Onam with Solace Charities

I have blogged a lot about women empowerment and feminism but today I'm going to share the story of one perfect woman who empowered thousands of other women and families. Sheba Ameer, encompasses the true meaning of women empowerment by showing the world how far compassion can take you!

She was just an ordinary mother who found solace in the wellness of her family. Her life was turned upside down when her 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with Cancer. Spending innumerable nights at the hospital, Sheeba Ameer realized the empty corridors and the walls of hospitals have heard more prayers than any number of temples, churches or masjid combined!

Sheeba Ameer lost her child to Cancer after battling with the dreaded disease for 16 years. But her strong daughter was a fighter, who, even on her deathbed, told her mother that she should help other mothers and children who cannot afford expensive treatments and cry hoping for some miracle to happen.

While there are innumerable people selling faith in the name of God and targeting helpless people, Sheeba Ameer showed them that real faith is by paying forward to and helping humanity!

After losing her child, she did not sit home grieving, instead created a charity organization, aptly named Solace Charities that helped thousands of helpless families to take treatment for their children with long term illnesses.

Imagine if each of us could think like this mother. Just from being a sick child's mother, today, she is "Umma" to thousands of children.

This year NEMA joins this mother and her organization to celebrate the true spirit and valour of Onam!

In these trying times, it's up to us to spend Onam just like any other day or make a real difference.

You can be a part of the selfless Solace family by contributing here:

To know more about Solace charities, click on this link:

Thank you and have a blessed Onam!

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