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Review of the Bollywood movie Thappad

* Spoiler alert * This post has details of the movie Thappad. After a long time, a movie sparked a discussion at home. "Thappad" hit the right chords. When the girl files for divorce from her husband based on this, just like many in the movie, my mother said, "it's just a slap!" But I totally argued because I agree with the movie completely. It's just a slap but he doesn't have the right to it! Immediately I'm called a 'feminist'. Because any girl with self respect and who has an opinion is now called a feminist! I have never faced this personally, but if anyone hurts me mentally or physically, I will not forgive them and just 'move on' because I have a son growing up and observing me. If i let go of this person then my son will think it's absolutely ok to hurt a girl in future. This is where the movie shows the patriarchal society of ours, where we have been raising our children wrong. We tell our boys to fight and not cry like girls while we teach our girls to not react and bear things. I hate it when anybody tells my son that 'boys don't cry' because not only does he have every right to show his feeling, also, girls are not always crying and whining. I'm a woman, i have cried, a lot, but I have also dealt with things head on which even some of the strongest men could ever have imagined! And I know a lot of women stronger than me. Recently, a person I know hurt me a lot. My trust was completely shattered. I can never pretend that things are fine nor can I pretend that I like them anymore. This is exactly what Amrita in the movie asks; "why should I pretend everything's fine, when it's not?" I loved the ending in particular, where the divorced husband says "next time around, I'll earn you." If men try to prove themselves worthy of a deserving girl, then we will have less 'feminists' fighting for their respect! - A proud feminist😊

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