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See the able not the label !

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

I hate labels! Everything or everybody now has a label. For example, someone diagnosed of autism is "someone with autism" and not "autistic".

The other day, during a casual conversation, someone said "from the time women started entering Sabarimala, Kerala is suffering. First the floods, and now the Corona virus." I immediately question, "Did the whole world get Corona because of this? So many deaths of innocent people who haven't even heard of Sabarimala!" For this I'm called an "atheist". Why? Is it because I asked a perfectly logical question?

I have been raised by God fearing parents as a God fearing child, and I respect that. But isn't that term/label wrong in itself? Why should we fear God? Aren't we supposed to love, embrace and respect God and any religious ideology?

I agree the whole issue was political and some women entered Sabarimala just to boost their ego. But is God someone who will punish the entire world for it? Believe in God but not in the opinions and anything people sell in the name of God. Next, I say, there are issues like this because it invades one's right to their personal freedom. I don't go, that's my personal choice and some girl decides to go that's her personal choice. So now I'm called a feminist too. I support the idea of feminism and women empowerment but that doesn't make me a feminist.

I advocate special needs and strongly believe anyone with a disability doesn't like to be called physically challenged or disabled or even specially abled; they have a name!

There is a famous cartoon of two cell mates sitting inside a jail. One says to the other, "You're not a murderer. You just happen to be a person who murdered someone." Read that again. This is something that should stay with you always and teach future generations. See the able, not the label!"

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