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Welcome to Say it like you mean it!, a unique blog here for you to explore. Say it like you mean it! has added such value to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with my loyal readers. Read on, and enjoy.


Life is tough, but so are you!

Today, I had no idea what I am going to write about! Woman empowerment nah.. parenting.. no.. Motivational? Well, aren't motivational blogs supposed to be posted on Mondays? But why? Why do we need to be motivated on Mondays? "Motivational Mondays" started trending when people were forced to work on something day in and day out because they don't have a choice. Like a guy who is a music enthusiast but has to work as an engineer in a 9-5 job to earn money and take care of his


Some days I'm a warrior Some days I'm a survivor. Some days I wanna slay and some days all I do is pray. Some days I look at life right in the eye and some days I hide in my shower Some days I can't stop talking and some days I relish in silence. Some days I want to be the strongest and some days I just want to breathe. Some days I'm thankful and some days I can't help but think life is so ungrateful. Some days I inspire and some days I live in despair. The bottom line is, i


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