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Some days I'm a warrior

Some days I'm a survivor.

Some days I wanna slay

and some days all I do is pray.

Some days I look at life right in the eye and some days I hide in my shower

Some days I can't stop talking

and some days I relish in silence. Some days I want to be the strongest

and some days I just want to breathe.

Some days I'm thankful and some days I can't help but think life is so ungrateful.

Some days I inspire

and some days I live in despair.

The bottom line is, it's okay to cry and feel weak sometimes. You have stayed strong for a long time and sometimes you just want to lay back and let be! You would be surprised to know what my guilty pleasure is! If I've had a tough day, I pour myself a glass of wine and watch a cheesy rom-com movie. Sorry! It is what it is!

I've realized, when you try or struggle too hard to stay strong, it becomes an added burden. Just let yourself be! You have every right to show your feelings. What you are or what people perceive of you should never stop you from doing or saying what you feel is right.

I always tell my son that when people tell him he's a boy and shouldn't cry, make them understand that you know you're a boy but that doesn't mean you don't have feelings. You have every right to cry if you feel so!

Growing up as a girl in a typical Indian household, something I have always struggled with is, "what would people say?!"

Our life pans around this concept. I used to get scolded for laughing out loud despite being a girl and I just couldn't accept it! I was infamous for being a troubled badass little girl!

When I got my first period, my grandmother told me to sleep on the floor and I did not! Why should I be reprimanded for being a girl! It's not my fault!

And I would be berated for it. I didn't care.

It's actually this attitude that has helped me survive a lot of storms in life and I'm thankful for it.

So never be sorry for what you are. Own it and flaunt it!

You are special because you are you, and you are different!

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