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A letter to my 20 year old self

I'm officially 34. A few grey strands that finally prove I'm matured! There's not much I would change in my life but I felt like writing to my 20s self..felt it's necessary.

Dear 20 year old girl,You've got years of life ahead and you'll be amazed at what you've endured.

You'll thank God for all the heartbreaks you have dealt with now, later in life coz' you'll realize that it's not about being married to the perfect man that counts, but being married to the man who's perfect for you!All the people who've called you sensitive and immature will eat their words in future because you'll show them you can stand strong through some major things in life that not only can they not face, they can't even imagine!

For all the times that you've tried to look cool to be in popular boy gangs, you'll realize in your 30s you won't even think about them! Your girl's gang is going to be your tribe and your sanctuary! You'll crave for night outs but only with your girl friends!

As you grow older, you'll realize, you do not need to be liked by everyone. What someone thinks of you is not your business just like their opinions about your life is none of their business too.

Travel..a lot! You'll miss not doing it often when later in life you have bigger commitments.

The guy who rejected you for being dark skinned and not looking good, he didn't deserve you.You're beautiful inside and that's what matters!

There is only one person's opinion that's going to matter to you the most coz' he/she will always look up to you.

No one in this world can make you feel as special as him/her and that's your kids.

Don't worry about not being cool coz later in life your child's gonna find you really fun and cool to be around. You're going to be a cool mom!

Don't be sad you're being teased about not speaking English, later on in life you're going to be teased about being so obsessed with English that you'd develop a Linguistic OCD and become a grammar stickler! :)

Have lots of fun and ease down. You're going to turn out to be great.

If dancing makes you happy, keep doing that! It's going to be the biggest therapy of your life.

You've had really troubled teens! But you'll realize your mother will turn out to be your best friend and your brother, your biggest support.

You've read that 'Life is not a bed of roses'. Your life is gonna be a testimony to that statement. But, you'll do great.

Everything will turn out to be just fine and just how it's supposed to be.

You're doing great babe! And just wear the damn bikini!

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