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Aju Varghese proves he's a master of his craft!

*Spoiler Alert*

Kerala Crime Files had huge expectations on its shoulders as the first Malayalam web series, and it does complete justice to it!

Aju Varghese has proven once and for all that he’s a master at his craft! His confidence exudes and shines through each frame. Time and again, it’s proven that when actors providing comic relief venture into serious roles, they perform at a level we can’t imagine! This is probably because it is often said that comedy is the toughest to perform. So these actors have probably unlocked their potential right in the beginning. I love it whenever Aju Varghese dons a serious role, especially as a police officer. Helen is a personal favorite and now it’s Kerala Crime Files.

Since Covid-19 engulfed the whole world in terror, we have been devouring different web series and statistics show that after drama, crime thrillers are the highest watched genre in 2023. So we all are now self proclaimed Mindhunters. As an audience, we profile characters, find clues and actually set off on the journey, virtually, to find the culprit! My husband laughed hard when in one scene I go “che! Crime scene il gloves itteet illa”. But the fact you need to understand here is that this series was so engrossing and intriguing right from the beginning that you cannot wait to watch the next episode and most of us would’ve definitely binged watched it!

The series is written brilliantly by Ashiq Aimar and directed by Ahammed Khabeer. It starts differently because right since the beginning, we actually know who committed the crime. The story revolves around finding him and that is where this series hits us differently. The dialogues are raw and blunt and helps make the show real! I loved the fact they subtly even reflected on the fact that society creates monsters and Shiju was a frustrated victim of it too who always acted out in a horrific manner. This was evident when Manoj’s father in law who has squinted eyes too says that people generally make fun of such shortcomings but it depends on the person how he/she takes it and reacts to it.

Another aspect I liked about the series was how the other side of police life was shown. Manoj (Aju Varghese) is newly married but never gets any time to spend with his wife. Kurian (Lal) already has a dysfunctional family and the character played by Navas Vallikkunnu cannot even be with his wife at her crucial time in labor!

The story actually leaves you wondering every step of the way how they are actually going to find Shiju. Half way clues, police details not computerized and all these facts actually stresses you out. But the writer takes you through the nail biting journey and leaves you marveling at the fact at how they actually arrive at the culprit!

The series music and bgm is by Hesham Abdul Wahab and it is nothing over the top and subtly fits the pulse of the story.

I can go on and on about Kerala Crime Files, but will take a pause here and say you have to watch it to revel in the magic of this show. Trust me, it’s a must-watch! Kerala Crime Files is absolutely a feather in Aju Varghese’s cap and I for one cannot wait for season 2 and the next “tar ittapole purigam” donning villain!


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