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Perilloor Premier League is a complete movie in a series!

I'm super late to review Perilloor Premier League. The people who acted in it and watched it might have moved on to different things, but I just had to review PPL! 

Our lil Aju Varghese fan actually waited for me to come back from my hospitalizations to watch it together. 

Well anyway that's why we could binge watch it and that's the best way to watch any good series. And this is definitely one!

PPL is a heartwarming comedy series from Kerala for everyone in the family alike. When it started out, I was able to draw some similarities with the Hindi series Panchayat. But a few minutes into the first episode, it proves me wrong.

PPL is fun for its simplicity and innocent humor. All the characters are written and executed really well. The leads, Nikhila Vimal as Malu and Sunny Wayne as Sreekuttan pair really well and have a nice chemistry. I don't think I've seen Sunny Wayne in such a cute character with an accent. I liked it. 

Veteran Vijayaraghavan as always pulls off his character, Peethambaran, with utmost ease and finesse. 

Ashokan as Soman is also a fun portrayal. I liked Arun Pradeep as Vasu (Sreekuttan’s brother). Being a dog mom, I have followed him from his YouTube channel where he does voice overs for his dog. This boy has a funny bone and I’m glad to see it being validated.

While all characters of PPL are beautiful for its simplicity, it’s Psycho Balachandran that walks away with the entire series; takes the cake and eats it too! The character is undoubtedly written well, but Aju Varghese has given it unimaginable shades of grey!

The sly wicked smile with impudent all knowing eyes, he has nailed the character to perfection! My interpretation of the character Psycho Balachandran is that he lets people assume he is a village simpleton while he kinda plays the mastermind.

There are scenarios where he is told to do something, but he creates havoc (and finds pleasure in it) in his own way! He listens to you, but does what he wants. An absolutely delightful villain! I know you would have never imagined these two words in a single sentence, but this is exactly what comes to my mind.

The essence of PPL is its writing by Deepu Pradeep and direction by Praveen Chandran. Deepu Pradeep is the writer of Kunjiramayanam in which, his brilliance in writing a plethora of characters and giving each one of them shades of characteristics in depth while lacing the whole story in humor is something we have already witnessed. 

Perilloor Premier League is an innocent comedy revolving around Sreekuttan’s search for love and what entails thereafter.

Please do not miss this package of fun and brilliant acting by all characters alike. You can watch it on Hotstar in India or Hulu in USA.

Let me know your thoughts on this one too!

Happy watching!


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