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An Angel With Magical Wings

Yesterday, he was introduced as someone who stopped performing magic but instead does miracles now!

And there’s no better way of introducing internationally acclaimed magician Professor Gopinath Muthukad.

Prof. Muthukad is the face of magic for our generation, especially for us Keralites.

He’s the recipient of the prestigious Merlin Award, which is considered to be the Oscars for magicians. He is also the recipient of the popular Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi award.

The moment you listen to Prof. Muthukad, you know that he’s a man who follows his heart. For someone who had dedicated his life to performing magic, it would have been such a difficult decision to quit it and set aside his life for a much nobler cause.

We’ve read and known that fame is a sweet poison that once tasted, no one can ever let go of. But 5 years ago, when Prof. Muthukad saw families of Kasargod affected by the infamous Endosulfan, suffering for generations, raising differently abled children, he had a calling to support these children. He invested his entire savings in building the ‘Different Art Centre’, an institution to empower the differently abled and decided to quit magic and dedicate his life for the specially abled.

Today the Different Art Centre is home to 200 children with different conditions like Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, Speech impairment and several other physical and mental conditions.

The Different Art Centre strives to teach these children life skills and enrich their mental and physical development through various art forms like music, magic, dance, drama, cinema making, painting and also introducing them to various musical instruments. These skills enable them to earn a respectful living, which is what every human being deserves.

Our son has Cerebral Palsy and was born in India. We had a really tough time raising him in India because the people around us were ignorant and nosy. The general attitude amongst people, towards differently abled children is disgust.

When I took my 1 year old baby to a temple, I was surrounded by a crowd of strangers who wanted to take a peek at the sick child. At another temple we were not allowed to open an umbrella and protect our tiny and fragile baby from the rain. The priest told us that we should keep sick children home and come to temples. So we escaped and came to US for a better and more accessible environment for our child. Not once did we think that we should educate these people and change their mindset or empower other children like our son. But Prof. Muthukad chose to do that. He tried to do the impossible and achieved it! He was clearly born to be a magician because no one else could have done this. I would like to call him a ‘magician on a mission’.

This is the first time I met him and honestly when I watched him on stage passionately talking about these children and calling himself a father of 200 children, I could see the invisible halo on his head and the magical wings. He is clearly an angel and you will see it too when you see and study his work at the Different Art Centre.

You can learn more about the centre here:

Different Arts Centre (DAC) | Empowering The Differently Abled (

And if you wish to be a part of this cause. You can choose to donate here:

OR here:

Prof. Muthukad is changing the world one step at a time. Let’s join hands with him and support these children who have dreams and compassion just like you and me. Let’s build a better tomorrow, a better future for all children equally.

We don’t have the power to make life fair, but we can choose to make it joyful for us and others!

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