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An open letter to the mother who delivered onboard Indigo Airlines

This is an open letter to the mother who delivered a baby mid-flight onboard Indigo Airlines. Different articles have cited different gestation periods, however it’s known that the baby was born premature.

So I won’t comment on the media hype and will just believe you had a premature delivery just like me. I’m writing this letter as a preemie mom (this is what you will popularly be called from now on) to another preemie mom!

I hope and pray your child grows up to be healthy. But I know as a mother you will feel guilty and that you’ve failed the one job you were born as a girl for!

If it’s any solace, please tell yourself always that your body gave up on you, you did not give up on your baby!

As your child grows, at a lot of times your “lack of seriousness” will be thrown at you. You will be blamed for this throughout your life.

The people around you would never think about what you’d give to get a few additional minutes, days or weeks in return. It’s natural, because if they had the sense to put themselves in our shoes, they would never comment like this. Please ignore all of them! Easier said than done but I know what happens to us when we let this negativity get the best of us!

You’re also healing postpartum but very few will even consider that. You will feel left out and alone in this battle, but you’re not. We always have a guardian angel to look over us. And on earth, It’s the law of nature, you will never go on a war alone! Even if it’s one person, you will find a strong support in them. For me it has always been my mother and my husband. You will find one too. It may be your spouse, your parents, your best friend or even someone you can connect with about your experiences. It can be me too!

Always remember your child is a survivor. He came with the destiny to live! Having a doctor on board is common but having an obstetrician on board is like destiny’s plan! Nothing can ever touch him because he has his warrior mom to take care of him! He found this strength inside you. He’s your blood and just love him unconditionally which I’m sure you will definitely do. Just chant this mantra to yourself always; ”Your child is awesome and so are you!”

I wish nothing but happiness for your family.. especially your warrior son!

You can email me at :)

And kudos to team Indigo!


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