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Is it really Justice for SSR or just media puppetry?

My mom will be really upset with me for blogging about this sensitive topic. But you must know me by now, if I’m told not to do something then I won’t find peace until I do it! Jokes apart, the real reason I chose to write about Sushant Singh Rajput is because today morning I saw a headline "Two big Bollywood actors have been summoned for questioning" and I couldn't help but wonder if this is negative publicity for those actors or actually a positive step towards finding the truth!

Sushant Singh Rajput’s murder mystery takes a new angle everyday. I don’t know the real truth. I don’t know if it’s a suicide or murder, but what I do know, is that it’s not about SSR anymore.

It gets a nepotism angle one day and depression the other. It becomes a murder case one day and suicide the next.

After the drugs angle came in, it has become an absolute mockery of SSR’s death. Media is trying to juice everything out of this mishap!

So what if all of Bollywood does drugs? How is it related to SSR? I want justice for SSR but that doesn’t mean I take down everybody who has existed and survived in this industry. I'm not endorsing drugs but will this lead to the culprit is the question.

Deep down in my heart I believe this is a murder but if SSR is not killed by these stars what is the point of hating them? If it’s finally revealed that all of this was just a fiasco and the media butted in to serve absolutely as a distraction then what will you do?

We are falling for this bait. I received a lot of flack for supporting Rhea Chakraborty. Please let me make it clear, I wasn’t supporting Rhea or downplaying the fact that she procured illegal abused substances, but merely criticizing the media. I still have the same stance. The real truth is not out yet! And I repeat the media is not fighting for justice for Sushant.

We’ve been told that Rhea procured the drugs and she’s criticized for giving it to him even when he was battling depression and that he wasn’t given his medicines. This is what is wrong with our country’s patriarchy. “My son/boyfriend/husband is a baby and is fragile and it's my responsibility to take care of him and give him his medicines on time!” I’m a stroke and depression survivor. I have about 10 different medicines to take. But till date, my family hasn’t kept a track of whether I’m taking my medicines on time or if the dosage is right. I track and have my medicines because I want to get better. I’m 34 and so was SSR, we definitely don’t need to be spoon fed.

Coming back to SSR’s murder mystery, I wish the truth comes out soon. I really do. Because social media is so full of hate and is absolutely spiteful! I want the truth but what the media and we fans are doing is demeaning SSR’s life. If Sushant Singh took his life or his life was taken, then it was because of the “big truth” which is yet to be discovered. Please don’t reduce it to plain mockery and grudges and shaming people. SSR deserves better and we owe it to him!


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