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We're Wonder Women, aren't we?

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

I wish I had a Sumana 11 years ago. I wish I had a WhatsApp group called Wonder Women back then. I wish I had a sisterhood all these years back.

Wonder Women tugs at your heart for all the right reasons. I was 25 when I had my son. I had an extremely tough pregnancy, a premature delivery and one of the toughest journeys one can imagine after my son was born. If back then, I had a strong support group like I have now I would have definitely survived all of this more easily.

Why is it that only in your 30s it dawns upon you that all these years you had it all wrong! Trying to be a tomboy in a boy's gang of friends is not what you need. All we need is a lovely tribe of likeminded women who are not going to pull each other down but help raise each other's spirit instead.

My sisterhood is my divine safe space, where I can be myself, say whatever I want to, not thinking first whether it’s politically correct or not. Hell, with my girls I can even “pull” a door that clearly says “push” and then laugh out loud without being judged or told that I’m a fool!

Wonder Women is a celebration of this special bond. The premise of the movie is “motherhood”, but it begins and ends with “sisterhood”. is a celebration of this special bond.

When you first watch the movie, you might wonder why each character’s story is left incomplete, with minimal past and future references. But after completing the movie, you think back and that incompleteness grows on you. Leaving some to the audience’s imagination is always a tricky but beautiful experience. The writer gets to enjoy different aspects from each reader’s/spectator’s minds.

The sheer joy of having friends who just like you have no sense of direction. We have no idea what Google Maps says. We drive into the highways when we have small crossroads.

I loved it that there’s finally a movie celebrating the sisterhood we enjoy at this age.

After surviving a life changing stroke at the age of 31, I really thought my life was done. But the constant encouragement from my best friends who happen to be girls and from my women’s tribe helped me move on. None of them treated me differently, included me in their vibe just like old times and made me feel “normal”!

In times when women friendships are infamously dubbed as “jealous”, “gossip mongers”, a movie that rightly shows what it actually is.

I’m listening to “goodbye yellow brick road” by Elton John while writing this piece and it feels so befitting! “You can't plant me in your penthouse

I'm going back to my plough” I’ll never be perfect, I’ll still go East when the app says South. I might share my current location in a moving train, but that’s what makes me me. I’m a woman and proud to be one!

I am 36 now and I wish this is what someone had told me when I was 20.

“You’re beautiful the way you are! You’re a Wonder Woman!”

Thank you Anjali Menon and the entire cast and crew for a beautiful movie experience. So proud and emotional at the moment!

The actors Nadia Moidu, Parvathi Thiruvothu, Padmapriya, Nithya Menen, Sayonora Philip,Archana Padmini and Amruta Subhash have portrayed their characters beautifully.

The brilliance of enchanting cinematography is evident throughout the movie and trust me if you're an emotional, "hormone-packed" woman like me, then you'll see the elegance in it all.

This Thanksgiving, besides being eternally thankful for my lovely family, I want to declare to the universe that I’m wholeheartedly thankful for my girls! We’re all Wonder Women!

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