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I’m two days late for a women’s day post.

I honestly didn’t want to get lost in between all the “she’s a mother, she’s a sister, she’s a wife, she’s a daughter” posts.

Because I’m of the opinion that these roles aren’t what make a woman special.

Tell me, isn’t a man a husband, son, brother and father? Is that what makes him special? No.

A woman is special because she has her own individuality, opinion and style. A woman's empathy is what makes her special. Her sensitive feminine side is what makes her special. Her different point of view is what makes her special.

A woman just because she can’t become a mother, doesn’t make her “ordinary” and just because another woman can, it doesn’t make her special either!

I have been hailed incompetent in a lot of places and in a lot of different situations ,both by men and women, for having a premature child. What makes you special? Just that you had a normal child? Well statistics show that every 1 in 10 children are born prematurely in the USA. So technically, I’m more special than you! :)

I’ve really made peace with this thing, I cited it as an example only to show that we still hold women against wrong standards. We’ve raised the bar so high that we are blinded to the awesomeness she is!

We do not respect her in front of her and hail her and honor her after she’s dead. What’s the point? Why do we only realize the beauty of something only after we lose it?

Yesterday, I saw a video of a 4 year old black girl crying looking at the mirror “I’m so ugly!” Who instills such an idea in a 4 year old’s mind? We need to hug our daughters tight and tell them “you’re beautiful the way you are! And let no one tell you otherwise!”

My point is, let’s start celebrating women for what they are inside. Let’s celebrate them for their brilliance, let’s celebrate them for their illogical sense of direction, let’s celebrate them for their hard work, let’s celebrate women who are dark, let’s celebrate women who are fair, let’s celebrate women who work inside the house, let’s celebrate women who work outside the house.

let’s celebrate women for there’s no one who can be her except her!

Happy Women’s day!


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