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"Bad" is always on the path to "Good"!

Yesterday I met an extremely interesting person. His name is Everett.

Everett is a licensed massage therapist, who is one of the very few ones who do amazing headwork too. I have been on a waiting list to get on his schedule for a long time and I finally met him yesterday. He feels every part of your body and is cued in on the issues you have without even telling him. But none of this is what makes him special.. Everett is blind and that is what makes him special.

When I first got into his room, he told me, I read your file and congratulations on being a stroke survivor. I was taken aback, because it was the first time that someone congratulated me for having had a stroke! But I just pleasantly said “thank you” and moved on. Like half of the people I meet in America, he called me Meghan and I told him it’s Megha and that it means the “cloud” in Sanskrit! He went, “That's a very unusual name to put! Why would your parents name you “clown!”

I told him, “my brother would greatly appreciate that comment but no, it’s not clown, it's clouds. You know the one in the sky!”

We had a good laugh and were able to get past the awkwardness.

Now that we had established a conversation, I asked him why he congratulated me about my stroke. That’s when Everett revealed he wasn’t blind by birth and that a tumor caused this. I have a friend who’s tumor had affected his hearing, so I wasn’t surprised. He told me his blindness changed his life because this is what actually makes him different from other therapists. Because he lost his vision, his other senses awakened so much that he can touch a person and sense their physically painful areas. He made his life’s biggest tragedy his strength. He probably sensed what I’m thinking and said, “you might not see it today but one day you’ll realize the stroke was the best thing to happen to you!” I told him I lost a lot with this stroke,my singing, my dancing, my lifestyle and a lot more that I can’t even remember because the stroke gave me a memory loss too!

He said, “I know all of this sucks, but tell me the one thing you found after the stroke that gives you solace.”

I told him “it’s writing. I explored writing after I lost my voice and body balance.

He said, “Great! And is that what brings you the most happiness today? I said, “Yes, after my son.”

He laughed and said, “See! So my hands in my life are your writing in your’s!

I smiled and whispered, “that’s true!”

Almost everything in my life has presented itself like this. It first feels like the worst thing that’s ever happened and after a while proves it was the best thing to happen in my life. Some things which have felt to be the greatest in a particular moment have also shown up to be the worst later on. Life is very unpredictable like that. You say you can never understand a woman, she’s a mystery. Well life is an even bigger one!

The only thing you can do when you think everything’s going wrong in your life is hold your loved one tight and hope and believe everything’s going to be fine. Whenever I face a problem in my life, I hold my son tight and he understands I’m sad or anxious and tells me “everything’s going to be fine ma” and that is all that I want to hear and know that while I cried and cursed life a lot when my son was born premature and was later on diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, but today, he is by far the best thing that happened in my life.

Whatever is making you sad today, believe that it’s a blessing in disguise because I know it for a fact.

Sometimes, the bad things in life can open your eyes to the good things in your life that you weren’t paying attention to in your life earlier.

Have you heard the saying, “rain falls on people who deserve nothing less than the sun!”?

That is what I would like to end my blog with today. Remember the sunny days are right around the corner. Just breathe and believe!

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