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Happy Women's Day

The journey from a victim to a survivor is never easy. Yesterday I watched an interview of a strong survivor. Coming out of the closet and telling one’s story to the world, reliving the horrendous experience to help other women and to empower them to do the same is one of the toughest and bravest things to do in life. I am blessed to know a lot of such strong, brave survivors in my life.

One name that first comes to my mind when I think of strong women is Sheeba Ameer.

She lost her child to Cancer and from that moment on, she has dedicated her life to help other children facing deadly diseases such as Cancer. She strives to empower other mothers to fight and survive.

In December 2020, I had a chance to sit with Sheeba Ameer (my Sheeba chechi) and I was talking to her about my survival, but how I struggle to move on and I asked her how she “lets go” of the tragedy she has faced? And she told me something extremely powerful:

“I never let go of my tragedy or my memories. Remembering the tragedy is the fuel to my fire. Accepting what happened to me and helping other mothers who have faced or might have to face this same tragedy is what keeps me going. Not playing the victim, but being a proud survivor is what keeps me alive today.”

The interview of the sexual assault survivor reminded me of her.

Honestly a woman is not special because she is someone’s mother, sister or daughter. A woman is special because she is what she is.

She is intelligent, she is powerful, she is a survivor.

She is special because she wakes up every day and faces her demons head on.

She is special because she strives to be an original and not someone what people expect her to be.

She is special because she chooses to work outside and juggle everyday to take care of her family.

She is special because she chooses to stay home and take care of her family.

She is special because she chooses to take care of herself, because she knows no one else but she herself can make her happy and content.

She is special because she attracts her own tribe.

She is special because she takes on warzones to protect her own family and other’s.

She is special because she fights for her self esteem.

She is special because she commands respect and doesn’t demand it!

What I want to tell every woman reading this is “You are special and you are enough. You do not need to prove anything to the world and you definitely don’t need to answer them. You are what you are and be proud of it!”

Happy women’s day to all women and to men who stand up for and support women..

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May 30, 2022

Good one Meghs!!

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