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Aju Varghese movie marathons, a Basil Joseph testimony and sweet nothings!

Happy summer!

It’s been a while, sorry.. been busy with life and parenting:)

Our son is recovering from a minor procedure (nothing to worry, the procedure is a personal victory for us) and he’s a smart lad, so he’s taken this recovery period to his advantage and is enjoying movie marathons of (no points for guessing) Aju Varghese.

We’ve watched each of his movies so many times (at least 15 times each) that we kind of converse at home using his dialogues. It sure is fun because honestly, his movies are a genre I enjoy too. So I’m not complaining and rather comply when my son insists on watching his movies only.

By far I think he’s done his best in Helen. That one’s a personal favorite although my son loves his comedy movies the best, Love Action Drama still being the front runner.

Watching this actor all the time has kind of grown on my husband and me too. When you watch his movies chronologically, you realize how well the actor has matured in his acting. He’s now goddamn hero material in acting!

During the movie marathon I discovered another gem, Basil Joseph. His movies Kunjiramayanam and Godha are such brilliant soulful light hearted comedy movies.

They are slices of life but with layers of substance at the same time. These movies don’t need a review now, but I just had to commend this young director! I relate so much to his movie style, of creating everything out of nothing. I find amusing stories in everyday life and that is what I see in his movies too. Kunjiramayanam and Godha have comedy at a level that both, a ten year old boy and a 35 year old woman can heartily enjoy at the same time!

We still laughed endlessly the other day while watching Godha for the tenth time or so!

That shows the brilliance of a director right? I think writing movies with substance is more easier than a movie growing out of nowhere. Mind you, I’m not talking about “making” them but “writing”. For me, and a few nut heads like me, sweet nothings matter more. The crazy breed we are!

I’m kind of contradicting myself here, right? I like rom coms but I think Aju Varghese has done his best in Helen. Well that, there, is about the actor, my favorite movie of his is different. The moment he says “sowkaryam illa” in Helen, we hate him so much and that response, only a good actor can beget.

Our son is a hilariously religious fan and we are just enjoying this phase! I have his stories etched on my mind and can’t wait to embarrass him with them when he grows up! Come on, that’s what parents do right? And I take my job seriously!

You won’t believe it, my son makes me bow in front of the large canvas of Aju Varghese he has in his room. He says I ought to treat “Aju uncle” with utmost respect! And I’m more than happy to play along. After all, these are the sweet nothings that he’ll remember when he grows up right?

To sweet beginnings..and many more movie marathons (keeping my fingers crossed, he never grows out of these).

I have a strong feeling Minnal Murali is going to be our next 50 timer! :)


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Miku George
Miku George
Jul 11, 2021

Love this 😍😍👌

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