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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole!

My husband has grown up with a pet, so he’s been requesting for this since we met. But, it took 10 years of coercion and a diagnosis for me to finally oblige!

So the good news is we have a new baby with four paws in the house!

We went on a short vacation last weekend. I know it’s not safe but we badly needed it! I have been feeling quite low since some days.

You’d know by now that I had a premature delivery. After the stroke, my blood work showed that I have a blood type that clots and so the chances are I might get the same complications in another pregnancy again. To add on , I have the risk of a stroke, so I was strongly advised against another pregnancy.

We were again just thankful as a family that we have our son to share our life with! We took this news in stride as usual but, when I scheduled an appointment with my gynecologist for a tubal ligation, it hit me hard, that this is real. We cannot have another child!

While we were digesting this news we happened to visit our friends who are like family and to our surprise they had bought a new puppy! It was so adorable and I picked him up and embraced him. Without a slightest hint I started crying! I then realized I had this void inside me to hold and nurture a baby!

We first thought of adopting a child. But we knew we can’t give that baby our time to raise him/her right because we have a child with special needs. His schooling, medical needs and therapies take up all our time and energy completely and so that child may unknowingly be neglected and that’s not fair to him/her. Plus I’m still recovering from the stroke.

And so, for entirely selfish reasons, we got a puppy!

Don't get me wrong! I’m not saying a dog is equivalent to a child. But this was the best choice for us. This was the best we could do to fulfill our dream of having another child.

We bought a beagle pup and our son named him Knuckles. Beagles are highest ranked as pets for children with special needs. But it’s not just my son, our entire family has lit up with the presence of this newest member.

Knuckles pulls us out of our bed and insists on going out. Sometimes I feel he almost knows we need this walk more than him!

I don’t know if he’s going to be an additional task but all I can say is, this is probably one of our best decisions!

My husband is a very private person and hates it if anybody knows our family issues. But I can’t help it! Writing is my therapy and when I write about things I’m contemplating about, I feel relieved!

So my reader family.. Here’s to new beginnings and below is a picture as food for thought.

Please keep our family in your thoughts!


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Oct 22, 2020

He is so cute😍

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