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Happy Diwali and Children's day!

I love it when Diwali and Children’s day falls on the same day! All my life, I have celebrated Diwali by lighting diyas (lamps) and fireworks and eating sweets.

I call this year 2020 a year of revelation! In this hustle called life, we’ve been so busy that we’ve never had the time to sit still calm in silence, close our eyes and retrospect!

Today when I was thinking, I realized all my life I’ve celebrated Diwali wrong! The diyas are symbolic to not just lighten our living space but shine our inner light! It is the light within that should shine on Diwali.

I was told that Diwali is celebrated to commemorate the victory of lord Shri Ram over Raavan and his return. But that’s just not it. Diwali celebrates the triumph of good over evil! The triumph of knowledge over ignorance!

When we light diyas, we are not showing the goddess the way to our home, but we are welcoming positivity! The lights symbolize that we should be the light that helps someone see!

Now let’s talk about children’s day. I was lucky that my parents celebrated children’s day! I usually used to get a stuffed toy from my parents for Children’s day. The way I was raised always helped me keep the child within me alive.

Some people call me silly and immature. But I like the way I am, being silly enough to believe and show my son there’s still good in this world!

The other day, our pet Knuckles was crying inside his crate. My son walked up to the crate and sat down beside it and started telling Knuckles, “there’s nothing to worry Knuckles! We all are here, we just want you to sleep for sometime and get enough rest”. The innocence that’s in him to think that a dog will understand what he’s saying is something that we should nurture. So I took a picture book and sat beside him and started reading it aloud for both of them. Knuckles was still whining and my husband and my mom made fun of me that Knuckles is actually pleading me in dog language to stop! We all had a hearty laugh, but I didn’t stop. I kept reading and after about ten minutes, Knuckles laid down and was calmly listening to me and my son.

I felt proud that being a little silly can actually bring so much good. I’m not sure what my son learned that day but I’m sure it’s something good. A child learns by example from the people around him and it’s these life lessons that he will remember as a grown up and pass on to his kids.

I wish you a happy and prosperous Diwali and Children’s day. May the light and the child within you live forever and shine bright.. just right!


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