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Let People Be!

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Cherathukal - Sithara Krishnakumar - High On Music - YouTube

I absolutely love the song Cherathukal!

Only Sithara can make an already beautiful song, even more beautiful with her absolute pure and beautiful singing and enhance it with her zero makeup look, having zero qualms about what people think!

Don't get me wrong, I admire people who can rock makeup and I have very close friends who are killing it in makeup, but I don't like it on myself, and I've often been mocked a lot for the same.

Similarly if I decide to color my hair for a change, people have a problem with that! I decide to have tattoos, you definitely have a problem with that too!

Our society needs to understand the point; "to each its own"!

They have a problem if any girl laughs in public, or if doctors decide to dance in their time off!

Case in point: Rasputin - Dance in Scrubs by Kerala Medicos Naveen Razak and Janaki M Omkumar - YouTube

Why do you care? As long as they are not dancing when your kin or any patient is critical and dying in front of them!

Should people be penalized for having a life?

My mother was critiqued for laughing or shopping even a year after my father passed away. I have been ridiculed for laughing and having fun when I should be taking care of my son with special needs.

Tell me, should people who are hit with tragedies, stop breathing? Should they stop doing anything that gives them happiness just because you think they have lost the right to do so. Firstly, who are you to determine what’s right or wrong for them?

Secondly, Just because you saw them having fun how can you judge they’re not doing what they need to do at other times?

I had shared a while earlier a powerful video of Sithara Krishnakumar talking about the hate comments she gets for walking casual and makeup free in her personal time. That video shows her removing all her makeup and accessories and saying this is how she likes herself!

Malayalam Singer Sithara’s Appeal To Haters - YouTube

Let people be! If a singer wants to walk makeup free, she can! It’s her life!

If doctors want to dance, let them! Not that they need your permission anyway! Again, it’s their life! Don’t be so cheap to politicize and communalise this with their different religion!

There’s so much angst and disharmony inside us, that it spews poison out of our mouths. We are responsible for raising the next generation and it’s up to us to recondition our minds and nurture our children in a hate free and violence free environment and inculcate and encourage happy, judgement free thinking in them.

We have the power to create a beautiful tomorrow and someone very sensible, has said, “With great power, comes great responsibility!”

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