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Life only gives you what you manifest

A few weeks ago we went with our best friends to Vermont for a getaway. I was sleeping in and was woken up by the cries of my bestie’s cute daughter. She was crying because she didn’t like the toothbrush her dad had given her. I heard my friend’s husband asking his daughter calmly “Are you having a good day?” The 5 year old replied meekly “yes!” Then he asked her “do you want to continue having a good day or make it a bad day?” She said whimpering “I want a good day” and agreed to brush.

I love how the dad handled the situation. How our day goes depends on how we react to situations or manifest our thoughts. I have faced this several times. If we get frustrated over something then a series of unpleasant events happen during that day to frustrate us even more.

I’m a believer that we shouldn’t think or say negative at all anytime. If we really wish for something we must keep sending positive thoughts about it to the universe. My husband believes in thinking of worst case scenarios too about everything as this lowers our expectations and we will not feel too bad or disappointed if we are already prepared for what can happen or go wrong, if the thing we wish for doesn’t work out.

There’s no right or wrong here. To each its own, right? What works for me doesn’t necessarily need to work for you!

My mom always tells me “God only gives you what you can handle”. True. But, I’m not overly religious so I gave this thought my own spin and made it “Life only gives you what you manifest.”

I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they love the way I’m always happy despite so many problems in life. Wrong. I cry a lot. Not many know it, but I’m an extremely sensitive girl. My family and my besties know it best. But once I step out my door, I manifest happiness and positivity. I practice sending the universe happy thoughts and positive thoughts because I believe the universe gives me the same in return.

I’m not blowing my own trumpet here, but trying to instill this practice in my readers because I truly believe in it. Again, try it for yourself to see if it works for you because there is no right or wrong method here. But, you just might get lucky and realize this actually works for you.

We have a rule in the house. My husband made it for my son, “Cry only if it physically hurts.” I think it’s a fantastic rule. Because sometimes when my son is whiny or cranky and cries we ask him if something is physically hurting. If not, calm down and tell us why you are upset. We are not telling him to hide or suppress his feelings. If he feels bad he should definitely cry but if he needs our help, he first needs to stop crying, calm down and tell us what’s wrong. Crying or throwing a tantrum will only make things worse. If you are irritated, you will keep getting irritated with every little thing happening around you. It’s like it sets a chain of similar events or reactions.

Haven’t you heard this tip, write down your dreams or ambitions and paste it to the wall of your bedroom so that you see it everyday? This is because when you see it, the chances are you will read it out aloud or in your mind and that sends an affirmative secret to the universe. You are unknowingly manifesting your dream to the universe and it is bound to happen. I have my dream up on my bedroom wall and looking at it and reading it out aloud gives me happiness every single time and I’m sure it will happen! That’s how the Law of Attraction works

I hope and pray your dream comes true too!

Goodbye for now! (It may interest you to know that “good” bye actually originated from the thought “May God be with you” which was then altered to “may good be with you!)


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