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When life keeps giving you lemons, keep making lemonade!

You must’ve heard this phrase a lot; “when life gives you lemons make lemonade”. But how many of us actually follow this? I sure grew up as a sensitive (read spoiled) girl. Pet of the family who has everything at her disposal and cries or whines the moment something goes wrong. I was never a self sufficient child, but as I grew up, my experiences made me self sufficient. Having said that, I also strongly believe we have angels to help us. No matter how self sufficient we are, we all need a little help sometimes!

Yesterday an incident happened. I told you we have a new puppy in the house right? I took him for our usual walk around 2 pm. As we walked, I noticed a dog park and it looked so beautiful in the fall colors, I decided to give it a try.

Keeping a close eye on Knuckles, his leash tightly secured around my wrist, I reached the other side of the park.

Then a strange thing happened, when I looked up, I couldn’t remember where we were. I have also told you I’ve short term memory loss so this isn’t surprising. But I forget my way but never forget where I am. This was new.

I tried hard but I just couldn’t remember where I was. So I decided to use google maps since my long term memory is fairly strong and I know our house address and reached for my phone in my jacket, only to realize I didn’t have my phone on me!

I panicked and was just about to ask for somebody’s help to call my husband when Knuckles tugged at the leash. He seemed to want to go somewhere. I thought I’ll indulge in a walk and it might calm me down and I can probably remember where we are. So I let Knuckles lead the way and I followed. Knuckles is a Beagle, who traditionally were hunting dogs, so he sniffs all the time!

Knuckles kept sniffing and leading the way and I followed suit. He nudged the leash again to cross the street and we did it safely. After walking for 5 minutes I saw familiar houses and streets. I realized Knuckles is actually taking me home! My eyes welled up with tears because I realized Knuckles is my next God sent little angel! My 2 months old puppy who has been with me for just 9 days now, is already becoming my saviour just like my son! How can I be mad at life when I have so much to be thankful for!

Now coming back to the lemons that life has given me, earlier, I would just grab tequila and salt but now I’d rather stick to lemonade!

I told a few people who I’m really close to about this incident. Thankfully my besties are like me. They don’t cry over spilled milk and we started brainstorming practical solutions to avoid such a situation in future.

We reached consensus on 2 things: One, from now on I’ll make it a point to carry my phone whenever I step out. Two, I can wear a medical charm or bracelet with short term memory and my husband’s number engraved on it.

I thought if life has come to this at the age of 34, let’s do it in style!

A boring medical id is so not me! So, I browsed for beautiful customizable bracelets that can be engraved. I would’ve put up a picture of what I ordered but it has my husband’s name and number on it!

This is what I was talking about. I wasn’t born this strong and optimistic but life made me one and now it’s my life’s mission to encourage people who need it, to stare at their problems right in the eye and give it a wink! To tell them that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

So next time, you see me around lost, please call my husband! :)


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2020년 10월 24일

Knuckles is my hero🙌🏼

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