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Welcome to Say it like you mean it!, a unique blog here for you to explore. Say it like you mean it! has added such value to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with my loyal readers. Read on, and enjoy.

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This is not the victory of one woman, but the victory of every woman in this nation

I have to admit I’m not politically well versed. Until Yesterday I did not know who Kamala Harris was. I knew she’s the Vice President elect of Biden but that’s about it. Don’t worry I don’t have voting rights in this country yet! If I had, I would’ve definitely brushed up on the candidates. I’m giving you an insight into my political knowledge so that you feel the same thing as I felt when Kamala Harris delivered her victory speech. A novice like me got goosebumps when she s

It's not the victim's fault!

Just like how we remember and honor our martyrs and soldiers on Independence Day and Republic Day and then forget them and move on, we speak about rape victims and sexually abused survivors for 2 days after the incident grabs headlines or is trending and then we move on! I wrote a blog about Hathras and Balrampur and read some tweets about it and that’s it. I have moved on. But those victims don’t. They can’t! The horror that happened to them scars them for life. This is in f

Sh*t I'm a Feminist!

A very dear friend of mine from school told me she couldn't help but notice that all my blogs have a streak of feminism in it and that I wasn't so vocal about it in school. So I decided to dig deep and actually find out what triggered this in me. I thought back and realized it wasn't one incident but different things at different times. I first got vocal about feminism when my grandmother asked me to sleep on the floor because I had my period. I obviously didn't do it but I q


Some days I'm a warrior Some days I'm a survivor. Some days I wanna slay and some days all I do is pray. Some days I look at life right in the eye and some days I hide in my shower Some days I can't stop talking and some days I relish in silence. Some days I want to be the strongest and some days I just want to breathe. Some days I'm thankful and some days I can't help but think life is so ungrateful. Some days I inspire and some days I live in despair. The bottom line is, i

Review of the Bollywood movie Thappad

* Spoiler alert * This post has details of the movie Thappad. After a long time, a movie sparked a discussion at home. "Thappad" hit the right chords. When the girl files for divorce from her husband based on this, just like many in the movie, my mother said, "it's just a slap!" But I totally argued because I agree with the movie completely. It's just a slap but he doesn't have the right to it! Immediately I'm called a 'feminist'. Because any girl with self respect and who ha

Review on Bollywood movie Bulbul

*spoilers on Bulbul* "Fact doesn't find takers, fiction does". This is an interesting statement I read online, and this is what I'd like to borrow to start my blog today. Time and again, we read news facts about gender abuse but when it got sewed into a fictional story, we love it. This movie is quite thought provoking. A minor glitch in Bulbul was that it was predictable but the way it twisted an age old folklore of "chudail" or "female demon" into a strong fictional story o

See the able not the label !

I hate labels! Everything or everybody now has a label. For example, someone diagnosed of autism is "someone with autism" and not "autistic". The other day, during a casual conversation, someone said "from the time women started entering Sabarimala, Kerala is suffering. First the floods, and now the Corona virus." I immediately question, "Did the whole world get Corona because of this? So many deaths of innocent people who haven't even heard of Sabarimala!" For this I'm calle

Challenge Accepted

You may have seen your Instagram feed flooding with black and white selfies of women. Do you know what this "challenge accepted" trend is? It's not just a fun social media gimmick. It's women standing in solidarity with the concept "women for women". This started out to protest against the rising femicide in Turkey. Most recently, the brutal murder of university student Pinar Gultekin by her ex boyfriend triggered this movement. Gultekin was strangled to death and then her bo

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